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“For more than 65 years the specialist at heating and ventilation systems in high spaces.”

We, as a producer of energy efficient Nivolair systems, are able to offer a specially designed ceiling mounted heating fan for high spaces from 4 meters and upwards.

"Started with the drying of flower bulbs. Now internationally known by the Nivolator, Nivolair and Sulfur evaporator."


Nivola Technische Handelsonderneming B.V. was founded in 1956 and began with drying flowering bulbs using a Nivolator, a ventilator with an unique fan.

The next, logical, step was the development of the Nivolator with an integrated heating system, the Nivolair. After initially only manufacturing heating systems for greenhouses, demand rapidly grew from industry. In the meantime, the Nivolair heating system was being successfully used throughout Europe.

Besides this product group, Nivola developed a second group of products called the Sulphur Evaporator. This is used to evaporate sulphur in order to combat mildew with crops such as roses, tomatoes and peppers.

Discover what Nivola can do for you.