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Sulphur tablets


Sulphur tablets


We are proud to announce the new sulphur tablets which have been developed in cooperation with NIVOLA due to new Dutch and European legislation. NIVOLA will become the only importer of AFEPASA GREENHOUSE SULPHUR tablets in the Netherlands from October 1st 2018, going forwards. The sulphur tablets will be available via the well-known Dutch wholesalers.

  • Allowed according to the new Dutch and European regulations
  • Ease of use during refilling the sulphur evaporators
  • Durable and safe to use
  • Good quality guaranteed

Due to these sulphur tablets, mildew control with the aid of the sulphur evaporator remains guaranteed. The sulphur tablet weights 115 grams, which is exactly the right amount to fill the sulphur evaporator in a safe and simple way. Curious to know what NIVOLA sulphur tablets can add to you company, Contact us for an appointment! This sulphur tablet is specifically developed for the new Dutch and EU legislation. The product is currently undergoing registration, specifically for the Dutch market.


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