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Nivolair HT V9



High Temperature

V9 fan

The Nivolair is a heating system specifically developed for high ceilings. It consists of a spiral-shaped ribbed pipe (the heating element is connected to a central heating system or heat pump), with a fan above that which is responsible for heat distribution.

Heating Method

When heating high areas using conventional heating methods, a relatively small amount of air is heated considerably, which proceeds to rise directly to the ceiling. This creates excessive and extremely disadvantageous vertical temperature difference when compared to the floor. The Nivolair is a unique air heating system and it truly stands apart from the rest. The Nivolair permanently circulates a large volume of air, while also slightly increasing the temperature of the air. This makes it easier to move heated air around.


  • Energy savings up to 30%
  • Vertical temperature gradient of 3°C
  • Short heating up time
  • No draught
  • Low noise level
  • Little maintenance

High Temperature Nivolair

The Nivolair for high temperature applications is fitted with a single spiral-shaped ribbed pipe, which is connected to a central heating system that runs at e.g. 90/70°C or 80/60°C. Lower temperatures are also possible.


Heat capacity: 18,5 kW ay 90°C/70°C
Water resistance: 20 kPa at ΔT 20°C
Waterside: ¾ inch male thread
Connection: 180 Watt / 230 V
Rotational speed: 700 RPM (adjustable)
Weight: 26 KG

V9 fan

The V-9 impeller consists of nine upright blades, creating a special, inwardly directed conical air flow. Air flows from the bottom to the top as a result of underpressure at the fan. This ensures optimum air circulation and mixing without draft phenomena! This unique impeller has been specially developed for rooms with a height of 4 to 6 meters. That is why you will find this nine-bladed impeller in showrooms, workshops, shops, workshops and the others.


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