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Nivolator V3



V3 fan

The Nivolator is a ceiling fan specifically developed for pushing down heat accumulated at the top of an enclosed area. This type of circulation ensures that an even temperature distribution is achieved. The temperature at the top of an enclosed area is normally significantly higher than below, where the temperature is required to be comfortable. This effect is caused as warm air rises. This high vertical temperature gradient has a number of negative effects, including a high average temperatures and excessive heat loss through the roof.

The Nivolator is the ideal solution!

This fan was specifically designed for optimum mixture of the air to prevent the negative effects described above.

Benefits of using the Nivolator:

  • Vertical temperature gradient decreases by only 3°C
  • Up to 30% reduction in energy consumption
  • Extra air circulation during summer
  • Shorter heating time

V-3 fan

The V-3 fan consists of three blades, causing a wide airflow that is directed straight downwards, thereby creating optimum air circulation with a vertical temperature gradient of a maximum of only 3 degrees. The V-3 fan quickly heats up the area with very low noise levels. This three-blade fan is designed for rooms from 4 up to 20 meters high and it is mostly used in warehouses, shipping halls, auction halls, high entrance areas and the like.


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