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The simple solution for your climate under 100% closed screens in existing and new greenhouses!


The simple solution for your climate under 100% closed screens in existing and new greenhouses!

The need for light shielding by growers is continuously increasing.  Hortidaily posted last Monday:

’Passed on December 8th, 2020 by the municipality of Leamington, the “Greenhouse Light Abatement Bylaw” was enacted in an effort to curb light pollution by the region’s numerous greenhouse operations’’.

Closed climate screens are demanded more and more by laws and regulations. Growers are forced to oblige and risk a detrimental growing climate.

Not all is lost, though. Growers can use this necessity to obtain great benefits such as greater energy savings and to solve temperature differences.

As you may know, when you close the screens several problems will arise:

  • There is less air movement, leading to a dead climate.
  • The temperature and the humidity will rise!

Optimizing the climate with 100% closed screens therefore requires a different approach.

The solution for this is: The Nivolution system!

A simple system that is easy to install in existing and new greenhouses. The Nivolution brings dry and cool air in the greenhouse from above the screens. This allows you to maintain the desired climate and control humidity levels with closed screens!

The Nivolution systems works with two components: the Nivolution transportation fan for transporting air through the screens and the Nivolator® vertical fan for air circulation in the greenhouse. The benefits of this system are:

  • Dehumidification to obtain the desired humidity under 100% closed screens;
  • Creating a homogeneous temperature and CO2 distribution both vertically as well as horizontally in the greenhouse;
  • Bringing activity in your crop;
  • Potentially cooling your greenhouse; and
  • Save up to 50% on energy usage.

With the Nivolution you can dehumidify an average of 50 gr/m²/h (510 Liters/ha/h) in a controlled manner. The Nivolution can even be used for cooling, which is required for crops such as gerberas!

Do you want to maintain control over your climate when screens need to be closed? Are you looking for a simple system that can easily be mounted in your greenhouse? Wait no longer!

Contact our advisor Merijn Hesmerg from Nivola!


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